Tools to take a project from concept to reality.

Systems are designed in close cooperation with your engineers after a careful assessment of your requirements. We employ the latest design tools including 3D Modeling, flow analysis programs, structural design software and controls programming. Using the power of AutoCAD® and Bentley AutoPLANT®, we can develop 3D models that let you see your plant before it’s built.

After construction, we will train the operations personnel, provide detailed documentation and offer any additional assistance you need to run your plant successfully.

System Integration

Lipten is an industry leader in the design and development of power plant control systems. Our software is designed to make things intuitive for the operator. Your plant will be mapped out on the large color touchscreen. Simple red/green visuals quickly allow operators to check the vitals of the system. The CombustionPac uses non-proprietary, off-the-shelf Allen-Bradley PLC components. This means your equipment can be modified in the future, is easily available should any part need replacing in the future. See controls section for specific applications.

Investment Grade Audit (IGA)

Do you have a concept for a project, but can’t get it moving? An IGA is a great solution. This is often the first step toward a large or complicated energy project. Lipten engineers can visit your site to document the current equipment, document specifications, and identify other goals for the project. This information is taken back to headquarters where a team will perform due diligence on the project. For a fraction of a percent of the total project cost, an IGA is a great place to get started.

Engineering/ Design

Are you ready to kick off a project? Lipten can perform the thermodynamics, civil and mechanical engineering analysis to specify equipment and infrastructure needs. We have performed engineering for minor equipment updates to entire power plant designs.


Lipten can help you identify the right equipment and best manufacturer for your application. Lipten has relationships with nearly every equipment manufacturer in the industry.


As a turnkey contractor, Lipten can manage your project from start to finish. Lipten will utilize an in-house construction and project manager to see your project completed. We have a network of construction companies and we can typically use a trusted, local construction firm to deliver the best installation value.

Take your project from concept to reality.

Power plants are complicated. Lipten will share our 50 years of experience to get your project up and running.