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"The project was handled in a manner that always made you aware of your value as the customer. Jim (Lipten project manager) responded to all inquiries in a prompt and extremely professional manner. You could always sense that he was concerned about doing everything within his power to keep the project moving and the customer happy. John (Lipten site supervisor) did an outstanding job of coordinating the work in the field. He made the necessary contacts to get clarification for any questions that arose in a timely manner and was always in contact with the key players needed to keep the project moving. I’m pleased to be closing out my career with the State of Pennsylvania having had the opportunity to see a project of this magnitude completed without the ever familiar delays that typically occur within the layers of the State Government decision making process."

—Michael McGrath, Allentown State Hospital


Lipten’s philosophy is to bring you the most cost-efficient equipment available, the right product, the right price, without sacrificing quality for cost. It’s this commitment that drives our decision making process through engineering, procurement and construction.

Lipten offers a full range of state-of-the-art boiler products, from small firetube boilers to larger field erected units. These are combined with the latest combustion technologies be it gaseous, liquid or solid fuels. This means more output with less fuel consumption in an environmentally conservative, quality package.

Process Monitoring and Control
We have been designing and building our own control systems for over 15 years. Lipten's advanced digital controls allow you to monitor the performance of your equipment, while optimizing process control, improving fuel efficiency, and reducing emissions.

High quality at low cost with less waste.

Still wondering how less is more? Discover how Lipten brings the whole package together...