Power Generation

Design the source of your plants power.

Lipten’s roots are in steam generation and it is still at the core of our business today. Throughout our 50 plus years of operation, technologies may have changed, but not our commitment to provide the best value for your dollar. Be it boilers alone or a complete floor to roof energy center, Lipten is there to meet your needs. No matter how demanding, we have the talent and resources to meet your most challenging requirements.

Steam Generation

Lipten’s roots are in steam generation. We are experts on thermodynamics and the best way to create steam for your application. Lipten has experience designing systems using coal, natural gas, oil & biomass. Once we have the input and output criteria we can design your entire system including: Boiler, Burner, Economizer, Deaerator, Stack, etc.

Heat Recovery Steam Generator

A Heat Recovery Steam Generator is a system that creates steam from waste gas flows. It is a great option for increasing steam flow in applications that are running at capacity. These systems typically offer a relatively low cost energy output, offering superior ROI’s compared to other systems. It is important to have the HRSG designed for your specific application to maximize efficiencies.

Reciprocating (Recip) Engine:

A reciprocating engine may be the best solution for power generation. Depending on ambient air temperature, altitude, fuel requirements, and electrical needs a recip engine may be a better alternative than a turbine.

Alternate Fuels

Some applications require alternate fuels. Lipten can help you design a system including, but not limited to: dual fuel, coal, natural gas, oil, or bio-mass.

Electrical Generation

Lipten can take steam and turn it into heat, electricity, or both (CHP). We will design a system to meet your power needs, delivering the best blend of investment and electricity cost, all while ensuring the equipment is operating clean, efficient and environmentally responsible.

Take your project from concept to reality.

Power plants are complicated. Lipten will share our 50 years of experience to get your project up and running.