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Power Generation

Lipten’s roots are in steam generation and it is still at the core of our business today. Throughout our 50 plus years of operation, technologies may have changed, but not our commitment to provide the best value for your dollar. Be it boilers alone or a complete floor to roof energy center, Lipten is there to meet your needs. No matter how demanding, we have the talent and resources to meet your most challenging requirements.

Steam Generation

Lipten’s roots are in steam generation. We are experts on thermodynamics and the best way to create steam for your application. Lipten has experience designing systems using coal, natural gas, oil & biomass. Once we have the input and output criteria we can design your entire system including: Boiler, Burner, Economizer, Deaerator, Stack, etc.

Heat Recovery Steam Generator

A Heat Recovery Steam Generator is a system that creates steam from waste gas flows. It is a great option for increasing steam flow in applications that are running at capacity. These systems typically offer a relatively low cost energy output, offering superior ROI’s compared to other systems. It is important to have the HRSG designed for your specific application to maximize efficiencies.

Reciprocating (Recip) Engine:

A reciprocating engine may be the best solution for power generation. Depending on ambient air temperature, altitude, fuel requirements, and electrical needs a recip engine may be a better alternative than a turbine.

Alternate Fuels

Some applications require alternate fuels. Lipten can help you design a system including, but not limited to: dual fuel, coal, natural gas, oil, or bio-mass.

Electrical Generation

Lipten can take steam and turn it into heat, electricity, or both (CHP). We will design a system to meet your power needs, delivering the best blend of investment and electricity cost, all while ensuring the equipment is operating clean, efficient and environmentally responsible.

Auxiliary Equipment

Lipten's engineering team has worked in nearly every industry, and has experience in thousands of power plants across the country. We can help you design and specify equipment for any application in your building. Below are some examples of equipment we have experience designing.

Water Treatment

When making steam, contaminants in your water are the system’s biggest enemy. Impurities in the cater cause corrosion in the boiler and turbine, this leads to more down time and maintenance costs. Fewer impurities also allow for a lower blowdown frequency, improving efficiencies. Lipten can help design a water treatment system to help maximize the life and efficiency of your system.

Condensing Heat Exchanger

A condensing Heat Exchanger is often the last process flue gas travels through before exiting the stack. It is used to transfer heat from the hot flue gas to another flow stream. These are often used to generate hot water.

Thermal Oxidizer

For air pollution control, thermal oxidizers can be a good solution. Lipten can design a system to destroy hazardous air pollutants and VOC’s from industrial air streams. Temperatures can reach 2,000F which are high enough to ignite organic compounds in the gasses. If you have concerns with emissions, Lipten will help design a system for your application.

Burner Replacement

Update the boiler burner for improved efficiency, emissions or new fuel type.

Chilled Water

A chilled water system is used to cool air and equipment. Typically the system uses steam to evaporate an absorption fluid, removing heat from the chilled water. The chilled water is run through the building as needed. These are often incorporated in to our power plant designs.

Compressed Air

Run compressed air in parallel with your steam lines.


Lipten is an industry leader in the design and development of central energy plant control systems. Our control systems set the standard for industry with their larger color touchscreen interfaces complete with trending, data logging, intuitive controls, rugged NEMA enclosures and the use of non-proprietary, off-the-shelf PLC components. Whether it be a standard off-the-shelf solution like our CombustionPac LT, or a custom design to address specialized requirements, Lipten can meet any energy center need:

Combustion Control System

The combustion control system maximizes the efficiency of the system. This system manages the inputs, fuel and air, to deliver the required steam demand.

Burner Management System

burner management system is programming ensuring the safe startup, operation and shutdown of boiler burners. The system is tuned for each specific application allowing for maintenance, usability and start-up time improvements.

Balance of Plant

Balance of plant controls manage all of the auxiliary equipment used to deliver energy. We can provide intuitive screen that allows operators to manage and monitor everything on one screen.

Plant Master

Plant Master controls sequence and monitor multiple boilers. They are used to sequence the boilers to deliver steam/hot water demand.


SCADA is an abbreviation for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. This system communicated with all of the control systems in the plant. The data is logged and automatic reports are generated. This is the best way to gather data and monitor performance.


Feedwater controls manage water flow & quality to the boiler. The system manages the surge tank, deaerator and pumps. The feedwater flow affects steam pressure and is an integral part of the total system.

Water Treatment

To maximize the efficiency and life of a boiler it is necessary to focus on the purity of the water. Water treatment controls allow you to purify the feedwater.

Custom Controls

Lipten is a Rockwell Recognized system integrator. We can help develop or update virtually any piece of software in a powerplant.

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