Auxiliary Equipment

Improve the effectiveness of you power plant.

Lipten's engineering team has worked in nearly every industry, and has experience in thousands of power plants across the country. We can help you design and specify equipment for any application in your building. Below are some examples of equipment we have experience designing.

Water Treatment

When making steam, contaminants in your water are the system’s biggest enemy. Impurities in the cater cause corrosion in the boiler and turbine, this leads to more down time and maintenance costs. Fewer impurities also allow for a lower blowdown frequency, improving efficiencies. Lipten can help design a water treatment system to help maximize the life and efficiency of your system.

Condensing Heat Exchanger

A condensing Heat Exchanger is often the last process flue gas travels through before exiting the stack. It is used to transfer heat from the hot flue gas to another flow stream. These are often used to generate hot water.

Thermal Oxidizer

For air pollution control, thermal oxidizers can be a good solution. Lipten can design a system to destroy hazardous air pollutants and VOC’s from industrial air streams. Temperatures can reach 2,000F which are high enough to ignite organic compounds in the gasses. If you have concerns with emissions, Lipten will help design a system for your application.

Burner Replacement

Update the boiler burner for improved efficiency, emissions or new fuel type.

Chilled Water

A chilled water system is used to cool air and equipment. Typically the system uses steam to evaporate an absorption fluid, removing heat from the chilled water. The chilled water is run through the building as needed. These are often incorporated in to our power plant designs.

Compressed Air

Run compressed air in parallel with your steam lines.

Take your project from concept to reality.

Power plants are complicated. Lipten will share our 50 years of experience to get your project up and running.